Products & Services

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and backed by experienced professionals, we manufacture products like automation system, distribution board in sync with technology that ensures optimal performance and cost.
All our products are developed after extensive research and by incorporating the latest technologies. Besides standard products, we are capable of offering customized products to meet our customers requirements. Our constant quest for innovations and determination to excel have resulted in our strong design and development capabilities as well as integration of wide range of products, delivering complete customer satisfaction. With our high quality products, we have achieved a leading market position in the domain and are committed to maintain it through continual improvement of our products and services.


 Power Distribution
  • Distribution panel
  • Motor Control
  • Computer Control Automation Panel

 Deep Thermal Testing
  • Shock Heating and cooling
  • Computerized control
  • Automotive testing
 Ovens & Heating Systems
  • Flasher systems for drying / curing
  • Paint & varnish baking
  • Conveyor and overhang systems
  • Infrared, UV and convection
 Custom Automation Systems
  • Wet Bench custom machine for LED manufacturing
  • Conveyor and overhang systems
 Coating & Slitting Machines
  • Coat and Dry paper
  • PLC Controlled
 Thyristorised systems
  • Manual or PID controlled
  • Single or Three Phase
  • Temperature and Voltage Control

Power Distribution Products
we are into design, manufacturing, supply and installation business for a wide range of Industrial  / Residential  Power distribution equipment as under :-
  • Main Change over cum Power Distribution Panels
  • Motor control centre / Manual /PLC Auto  process control   panels.
  • Auto Power factor Control ( APC) Panel.
  • Auto Main Failure( AMF) Panel.
  • Custom designed Custom designed PLC / computer control Automation panels.
  • We can also manufacture panels for monitoring Power consumption of each Process / Machine for power saving applications.

DC/A.C. Drive Panels for Paper printing/ Coating Machinery
We offer DC / A.C. drive with  PLC / Computer controlled Panels for Paper printing / Paper & Metal foil coating machinery.
These are engineered and manufactured in accordance with latest standards and come with numerous features. Extremely user and installer-friendly.

 Control Desk 
We are manufacturing Control desk in Stainless Steel / MS  for Remote process control of Dairy, Pharmaceutical, and other process Plant. It can be used from any central place  for monitoring . It can be used even for changing process parameters 

Thyristor Power Controller 
These electronic units are used mainly at the places where regulated heat is required. The Power output can be controlled either manually by 
Potentiometer or automatically by PID control. It is widely used by manufacturers of Heating system / Ovens. 
The thyristor power controller is a heavy duty three / single  phase, Phase angle / Zero crossover type  power controller for controlling the voltage applied to loads such as heating elements / Infrared Heaters, thus allowing temperature control with out the need for switching contactors.

Ovens and Heating Systems 
We are manufacturing heating systems for a wide range of applications as under:-
  • IR Flashers  for drying / Curing Ink & plastisole on Screen Printed Fabric:-    It was designed & introduced by us and are very well accepted by the industry.
  • Filter paper / pleat  drying
  • Ink /  Laquer coating drying on Paper processing machinery.
  • Moisture removal from corrugated paper / coated metal foil.
  • On line Conv. Oil removal from Metal strips.
  • Moisture removal from Felts, Rugs and carpet drying.

Conveyorized Infra Red Oven  
We specialized in designing , Manufacturing and installing custom designed   conveyorised  oven for used by manufacturers of different types of Hardware items like locks/ Door Handles/fancy brass or Zink components which are Coated with Electro-Phoretic Lacquer or Powder Coated  and needed to be dried.
Infrared heaters are used to dry the components which are continuously moving inside the oven through conveyor. Jigs are hanged over conveyor and passes through length of oven where heating is done in Radiation as well as by hot air . IR dries lacques from inside out to reduce the  drying time
We offer superior range of conveyorized IR oven for EPL/spray logur grading. These consist of infrared lamps, which put maximum energy in the area where the material is placed. All the ovens are designed for high energy efficiency that results in power saving and reducing the fuel cost. These ovens also combine with ambient air and provide increased drying speed.

Coating & Slitting Machine  
Coating Machine is used to coat & dry & if required slitting the paper in required dimension. All  the motors are synchronized using AC Drives & are PLC Controlled to monitor speed & Temperature Parameters. 

 Flasher Unit 
These are ideal for drying of ink on fabric. Fabric painting units who are using long tables are using these products for ink curing on fabric. The unit consist of IR heaters & are controlled by a control box mounted over the unit, having a timer to adjust timing of heater ON from 2 sec to 30 sec. After placing the unit, which is quite light weight through handles on printed fabric it gets ON for predefined time. Quality of drying & drying time reduces a lot.

Deep Thermal Testing System 
We offer superior range of deep thermal testing system for automobile engines or other items. These systems include a cooling system up to Minus (-) 30 degree C and can be programmed to follow any Time Vs temp. profile 

 Specialized Equipment 
ARVIND INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CORPRATION has a prominent track record for quality in engineering and design, metal fabrication, assembly, and installation of specialized equipment for companies supplying equipment to national and international markets. ARVIND. has fabricated uniquely-designed Transition Cones, Ducts and Reducers for Metro Rail line projects, conveyor equipment used in manufacturing Infra-Red heating and drying ovens. Other major projects have included the metal fabrication, assembly and painting of Control panels and other equipment used in food processing, pharmaceutical and other engineering industry.