Arvind Industrial Products Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in the year 1981. We are into our 31st year of operation.
We design and build special purpose engineering products in the field of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal including infrared heating systems, coating systems, thermal testing systems, automation systems and drives. We also work extensively in field of alternate energy including solar power generation, LED lighting, Electrical power distribution and power system control.

We work with a team of engineers with extensive innovation and R&D background. We have a 7000 Sq Ft workshop and office facility operating with a factory staff of 20 and engineering staff of over 5 engineers.

We believe in the values of 
InnovationCuriosity & Passion ● Teamwork & Commitment ● Customer Centricity
We have served over 60 clients including many multi-national Clients including Korean, Swedish and Japanese mutli-nationals and exporters.

Our Products and Services


 Power Distribution
  • Distribution panel
  • Motor Control
  • Computer Control Automation Panel
  • VFD Panel
  • Auto power factor control (APC) Panel
  • PLC Panel
 Deep Thermal Shok Testing
  • Shock Heating and cooling
  • Computerized control
  • Automotive testing
 Ovens & Heating Systems
  • Flasher systems for drying / curing
  • Paint & varnish baking
  • Conveyor and overhang systems
  • Infrared, UV and convection
 Conveyor Systems
  • Multilayer Conveyor
  • Assembly Conveyor
  • Spacial Purpose Conveyors
 Coating & Slitting Machines
  • Coat and Dry paper
  • PLC Controlled
 Thyristorised Power Controller Systems
  • Manual or PID controlled
  • Single or Three Phase
  • Temperature and Voltage Contro
Wireless Energy Management system
  • Wireless Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Data Recording
Solar Power System
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Street Lights
 Infrared Heaters
  • IR Short Wave Heaters
  • IR Medium Wave Heaters
  • Spacial Purpose Heaters
Infrared Oven
  • Conveyorised IR Ovens
  • Spacial Purpose Oven For Drying etc.

We provide a 
Unique combination of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal systems engineering bringing you products fit for your purpose. We have good knowledge of multiple industries and processes and we provide you solutions that work for your unique needs.

We provide AMC services for the above systems.


We serve a wide range of industries and services organizations. The below list are key industries we work with and systems we provide to them. This is not a comprehensive list.

Automotive & Ancillaries
  • Paint baking and heating systems
  • Thermal Shock Testing Systems & Electrical Test Systems
  • Control panels
Manufacturing plants ( Discreet and Process Manufacturing)
  • Power Control & Monitoring Systems
  • Process automation
  • Custom engineering
Textile & Garment : Heating, Drying, Curing.

Construction: Heavy and complex fabrication

Paper & Plastic: Heating, Drying, Curing 

We also work with other organizations including healthcare & transportation service organizations providing custom engineered solutions.


To manufacture our products like distribution panel, distribution board, AC drives, control desk, conveyor ovens, conveyorized IR ovens, flasher unit, thyristorised power controller, deep thermal testing system, as per international standards, we have a set-up of requisite infrastructure facility provided with modern manufacturing equipment and tools.

This helps us not only to fulfill the ever growing demand of these products in industries but also to develop innovative products, having improved productivity for optimum utilization. This always ensure to develop products that are effective and efficient providing excellent result to our clients. Equipped with latest manufacturing facilities and incorporating the sophisticated technology, we ensure to offer our clients with a superior grade of industrial products, which stands high on efficiency and performance front.

Key highlights are:

  • AIPC Head quarters is based at Faridabad. 
  • 7000 Sq feet manufacturing facility, 
    • expansion provision of 3000 Sq feet 
    • 20 seat office capacity
  • Machinery:
    • In-house machinery ( NC, Bending, Shearing)
    • Eco-system for practically all engineering facilities nearby
  • Partnered with many Engineering leaders in Haryana, to leverage their resources
  • Engineering support from IIT Delhi
  • Design support from National Physical Laboratory

Research and Development

Research and development is one of the important activity at our organization, which is undertaken to upgrade and modify the existing range. And to find innovative technology to upgrade our line products. 
Further, our existing approach towards the research and development has enabled us in bringing products with technological up gradation to cater the requirements of our clients.

Energy saving  being a major issue today, we are developing processes that use less power to achieve desired result.

Customer Satisfaction

Through our wide range of industrial products, we have been able to cater the requirements of diverse industries with our cost effective product range and reliable services & have earned us accolades from our clients. Our consistency in delivering quality electrical products has helped us to successfully meet the varied requirements of our clients. Further our expertise in producing both standard as well as customized products and our well defined customer oriented approach has helped us to gain a large number of clients in the markets. We believe in rendering our customers with superior services within stipulated frame of time.

Why Us

Some of the factors, which gives us a competitive edge over the other market players are-

  • High performance industrial products
  • Our ability to understand customers requirement & develop customized products / solutions to satisfy them
  • Timely delivery & Prompt after sales service whenever required
  • 30 years +  industry experience with the promoter in manufacturing products for Industrial applications as well as to develop products / solutions according to customers applications / requirement 

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